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Image of Electronic Assembly's Multifunctional 5" TFT HMI Panels
Multifunctional 5" TFT HMI Panels

Electronic Assembly’s multifunctional 5" HMI panels with compact TFT color display EA uniTFT050 are specially developed for use in compact medical devices.)

Image of APEM's IX Series Pushbuttons
IX Series Pushbuttons

APEM's IX series combines the high qualities of the IP and IA series with a backlit switch, compact bushing and flexible elastomer membrane actuator.)

Image of Displaytech 7-inch TFT LCD
High Bright 1024 x 600 7.0" IPS TFT LCD with LVDS Interface

Displaytech DT070BTFT-HB series is a high bright 7.0” TFT LCD at 1024 x 600 resolution with IPS display and LVDS interface.)

Image of Littelfuse's Automotive High Voltage 500V DC SMT Fuses – 885 Series
NANO2® High-Voltage 500 V DC SMT Fuses – 885 Series

Littelfuse's 885 series Nano2® fuse is a 500 VDC high voltage DC rated surface mount fuse with high interrupting current rating up to 1500 A.)

Image of EPCOS' B33331V Series EPCOS MKP AC Capacitors
B33331V Series EPCOS MKP AC Capacitors

TDK EPCOS' MKP AC capacitors for filter applications are constructed of aluminum, making the overall design particularly robust.)

Image pf Fluke's RSE300/RSE600 Infrared Cameras
RSE300/RSE600 Mounted Infrared Cameras

Fluke Electronic's RSE300/RSE600 mounted infrared cameras enhance testing and quality assurance procedures for research, science, and engineering needs.)

Image of APEM's XD Series Joysticks
XD Series Joysticks

APEM’s XD series joystick, a multi-axis hand grip joystick specifically engineered for demanding vehicle applications.)

Image of System-On-Chip Technologies' H.264 HD module
H.264 HD Video or Video/Audio Encoder/Decoder Modules

System-On-Chip Technologies' H.264 plug-and-play PCB package receives raw video/audio and outputs H.264 video streams with optional AAC/MP2/MP3 audio.)

Image of Aearo Technologies' ISODAMP™ C-1000 Series
ISODAMP™ C-1000 Series Elastomers

Aearo Technologies' ISODAMP™ C-1000 series elastomers ensure low amplifications at resonance and rapid settling to equilibrium after shock or vibration input.)

Image of Phoenix Contact's RAD-900-DAIO6 Radioline for Outdoor Installations
RAD-900-DAIO6 Radioline for Outdoor Installations

Phoenix Contact’s RAD-900-DAIO6 outdoor radioline combines the 900 MHz radioline wireless module and six I/O points in a single, robust, NEMA 4X housing.)

Image of STMicroelectronics' TSB7192A 36 V Dual Op-Amps
TSB7192A 36 V Dual Op Amps

STMicroelectronics' TSB7192A dual amplifier features rail-to-rail input and output and is perfectly suited for a wide variety of applications.)

Image of Nexperia's PESDxIVN Series: In-vehicle Networking (IVN) ESD Protection
PESDxIVN Series: In-vehicle Networking (IVN) ESD Protection

Nexperia’s PESDxIVN series of automotive qualified protection technology and is ready for the next generation of automotive qualified leadless (DFN) packages.)

Image of Aearo Technologies' CONFOR™ EG Series PU Foams
CONFOR™ Electronics Grade (EG) Series Polyurethane (PU) Foams

Aearo Technologies' CONFOR™ EG series highly-damped PU foams contain no halogens or metal compounds for thin gap spaces or as thicker comfort material.)

Image of Maxim's MAX38888 Super Cap Regulator
MAX38888 Super Cap Regulator

Maxim’s MAX38888 super cap backup regulator is designed to efficiently transfer power between a super cap and a system supply rail.)

Image of Broadcom's AFBR-S4N44C013 NUV-HD Silicon Photo Multiplier
AFBR-S4N44C013 NUV-HD Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM)

Broadcom's AFBR-S4N44C013 NUV-HD SiPM features a broad response in the visible light spectrum with high sensitivity towards the blue- and near-UV regions.)