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About Reference Design Library

Instead of searching many manufacturer sites or calling on companies to find and compare designs, now you can search for designs based on the circuit’s performance using Digi-Key’s Reference Design Library.

The Reference Design Library was created in order to:

  • Save Engineers time
  • Deliver ideas, fast
  • Sift through designs based on performance
  • Provide designs conveniently accompanied by their schematics

Visit often as new designs are being added weekly and improvements will be made based on your constructive feedback.

Newest Designs

AM305222R1DBGEVB: CAN Stepper Driver, 800mA @ 6 ~ 30V

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor

The AM305222R1DBGEVB is a form factor daughter board for driving bipolar stepper motors. The daughter board can be interfaced via I/O pins and the SPI bus to an external microcontroller. In conjunction with the evaluation kit AMIS305XXGEVK it forms a complete solution turning high level commands from a CAN node in well-defined motions.

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MTO-EV007FTG(TB6569FTG): DC Brush Motor 10 ~ 47V

Manufacturer: Marutsuelec Co., Ltd.

The TB6569FTG is a brushed DC motor driver with corresponding control system of either the constant current PWM control system or the direct PWM control system.

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DRV8850EVM: Low Voltage Brush DC Motor Driver

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

The DRV8850EVM (evaluation module) serves as a user-friendly evaluation kit to demonstrate TI's brushed motor driver DRV8850. Users can control the individual high-side and low-side FETs DRV8850 with the onboard MSP430 microcontroller. The EVM speeds development for quicker time to market and highlights the DRV8850's ultra-low thermal performance

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