Intel® MAX 10 FPGAs offer advanced processing capabilities in a low-cost, single-chip, small-form-factor programmable logic device

Image of Intel MAX® 10 FPGAsIntel's MAX 10 FPGAs deliver advanced processing capabilities in a low-cost, single-chip, small-form-factor programmable logic device. The MAX 10 FPGA family encompasses both small packaging and high-I/O pin-count packages with densities ranging from 2,000 to 50,000 logic elements.

Product Training Module: Max® 10 FPGAs

  • Dual-configuration: MAX 10 FPGAs provide a single-on-die Flash memory that supports dual-configuration, for true fail-safe upgrades.
  • Analog Blocks: Integrated analog blocks feature a temperature-sensing diode and an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The ADC is a 12-bit resolution successive approximation register (SAR) ADC, with up to 18-analog inputs and 1 Msps sampling.
  • Instant-on: MAX 10 FPGAs can be the first usable device on a system board to control bring-up of high-density FPGAs, ASICs, ASSPs, and processors.
  • DSP blocks: As a non-volatile FPGA with DSP, MAX 10 FPGAs are ideal for high-performance, high-precision DSP applications.
  • Up to 50,000 logic elements (LEs)
  • Maximum of 500 user I/O pins
  • Non-volatile instant-on architecture
  • Single-chip
  • Embedded SRAM
  • High-performance phase-locked loops (PLLs)
  • External memory interface (DDR3 SDRAM/DDR3L SDRAM/DDR2 SDRAM/LPDDR2)
  • Nios II embedded processor support
  • DSP blocks
  • 3.3 V, LVDS, PCI™, and 30+ other I/O standards supported
  • Single- or dual-core voltage supply offering
  • Embedded ADCs - 12-bit 1 Msps
    • Up to 18 analog input channels
    • Temperature sensor
  • Embedded Flash
    • Dual-configuration Flash
    • User Flash memory
  • Internal oscillator
  • Power saving features
    • Sleep mode to reduce dynamic power by up to 95%
    • Input buffer power-down
  • 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) design security
  • RoHS6 packaging

MAX® 10 FPGA Evaluation Kit

The 10M08 evaluation board will enable a cost-effective entry point to MAX 10 FPGA design. The card comes with Arduino UNO R3 header socket to allow a wide-variety of daughter cards to be connected (programming download cable is sold separately)

  • 10M08SAE144C8G FPGA
  • Arduino Headers
  • Access to over 80 I/O through-hole via’s

Eval Boards and Kits

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
EK-10M08E144 datasheet linkKIT EVALUATION MAX 10 FPGAEK-10M08E144KIT EVALUATION MAX 10 FPGA156 - Immediate
EK-10M08E144 product page link
DK-DEV-10M50-A datasheet linkKIT DEV MAX 10 FPGADK-DEV-10M50-AKIT DEV MAX 10 FPGA150 - Immediate
DK-DEV-10M50-A product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of LABs/CLBsNumber of Logic Elements/CellsAvailable QuantityView Details
10M08SAU169C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 130 I/O 169UBGA10M08SAU169C8GIC FPGA 130 I/O 169UBGA500800055 - Immediate
10M08SAU169C8G product page link
10M08DCF484I7G datasheet linkIC FPGA 250 I/O 484FBGA10M08DCF484I7GIC FPGA 250 I/O 484FBGA500800051 - Immediate
10M08DCF484I7G product page link
10M08DCF484C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 250 I/O 484FBGA10M08DCF484C8GIC FPGA 250 I/O 484FBGA5008000010M08DCF484C8G product page link
10M08DCF256I7G datasheet linkIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA10M08DCF256I7GIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA5008000233 - Immediate
10M08DCF256I7G product page link
10M08DAF484I7G datasheet linkIC FPGA 250 I/O 484FBGA10M08DAF484I7GIC FPGA 250 I/O 484FBGA5008000010M08DAF484I7G product page link
10M08DAF484C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 250 I/O 484FBGA10M08DAF484C8GIC FPGA 250 I/O 484FBGA500800078 - Immediate
10M08DAF484C8G product page link
10M08DAF256C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA10M08DAF256C8GIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA5008000381 - Immediate
10M08DAF256C8G product page link
10M04DCF256I7G datasheet linkIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA10M04DCF256I7GIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA2504000010M04DCF256I7G product page link
10M04DCF256C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA10M04DCF256C8GIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA250400031 - Immediate
10M04DCF256C8G product page link
10M04DAF256I7G datasheet linkIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA10M04DAF256I7GIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA2504000010M04DAF256I7G product page link
10M04DAF256C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA10M04DAF256C8GIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA2504000445 - Immediate
10M04DAF256C8G product page link
10M02SCU169I7G datasheet linkIC FPGA 130 I/O 169UBGA10M02SCU169I7GIC FPGA 130 I/O 169UBGA125200060 - Immediate
10M02SCU169I7G product page link
Published: 2015-02-10